Channeling for 1/3/16

Welcome back and happy new year!

In my meditation this week I saw a beautiful image of Ganesh. This was the message shared,

The first 2 things I hear are, power through and overcome. I saw an image of a hand dipping into a still lake, I heard the words, let yourself create rings in the still lake. This is a year to make great changes and triumph over what has held you back. It is ok to let your spirit shine. Generate waves of change in your life. I saw the lid of a box open and light shined from it as a lit candle raised out. Great change is ahead and being true to yourself will allow your inner light to guide the way.

I heard the words, don't be afraid to shake the earth and disturb still waters in your life, somethings in life must fall to make a new, in death we have rebirth and as the leaves fall they bring nutrients to the soil so the tree can grow stronger each year. It is ok to crumble once in a while, this allows you to become stronger and keep only the pieces you see fit. Many of you are afraid to let go, it is ok to let go, imagine sending all of your disruptions out to sea, and as the tide comes and goes, only what is meant to be with you will wash a shore with the waves. Be bold. Release. Know you are powerfull. You have all you need to overcome any perceived challange ahead. You can always call on me to help buoy you through rough waters.

Lover and gratitude. 


Alyssa MillerComment