Hello! Welcome back!

This week I connected with the element of water, I was brought to a waterfall not far from myself to communicate with and learn more. The first thing that water says to me is I am the molecule in everything. Water says, I sustain all life on this planet, the rocks and plants are my allies, the rocks and plants help me filter organic waste to provide healthy water for you. I asked water what is hindering it, water says inorganic waste and machines, they have oil and lubricants that are hard to filter and the noises/ vibrations disturb my sea life. They also (human) over use brother rock to block my flow. I asked water what it enjoys and it says, I am everywhere in all things ,I am a liquid, a solid and a gas, I get to touch all life. I regenerate and am your life blood. I asked what we could do to help, water says please do not interfere, I can regulate myself with the help of my earth allies. Please use what you need but allow me to filter on my own.  Water also says I carry your energy throughout this world, what you say and express to me goes deep into the soil and spreads around the world. I enjoy your messages of love and gratitude.  Please share with me, I can also filter away energy you need to release to leave you with sustaining life and peace. We are one and I love you.

Alyssa MillerComment